TRS Queing system for port drivers

From the P.O.V.:

As you know, The PRO-PASS Truck Reservation System (TRS), with mandatory hours beginning at NIT on Thursday morning, March 1, 2018. The efficiencies gained via the TRS will facilitate a faster, more efficient on-terminal experience for our motor carrier partners.

Beginning March 1:

Mandatory reservations will be required between 0500 – 0700 hours, Monday – Friday
Mandatory reservations will be required between 0700 – 0900 hours, Saturday
Trucks arriving during those hours, without reservations, will be turned away and will not be permitted to queue on terminal property

At NIT North and South, the inbound OCR portals will open at 0430 Monday – Friday and at 0630 on Saturdays.

No truck queueing will be permitted prior to the opening of the OCR portals
No overnight parking will be permitted following portal closure on the previous day

TRS reservations are made within a one hour block. During the week, a reservation may be made between 0500 – 0600, or 0600 – 0700. A 30-minute grace period will be extended on either side of that one hour block.

A driver with a reservation between 0600 – 0700 may arrive NO EARLIER than 0530
If the same driver arrives at 0520, he is outside his reservation window and will be turned away
Drivers arriving early for confirmed reservations (more than 30 minutes prior) will be turned away and will not be permitted to queue on terminal property
Drivers arriving late for confirmed reservations (more than 30 minutes after the one hour block) will be turned away and may only return when unrestricted gate hours have resumed, or a new reservation has been confirmed

During this first phase of NIT’s TRS rollout, mandatory reservations will end at 0700 Monday – Friday and 0900 Saturday. Beginning at 0700 (M-F) and 0900 (Sat.), NIT’s truck gates – North and South – will be open to service all trucks, with no reservations required. Recognizing that a certain number of trucks will likely time their NIT arrival as close to 0700 (or 0900) as possible, we are designating a seven acre lot at NIT North (highlighted in red), in proximity to the Drivers’ Assistance building, for short-term truck queuing.

This unsecured, unstaffed lot will only be available from 0645 – 0700 Monday – Friday and 0845 – 0900 on Saturdays
The sole purpose of this lot is to facilitate the early arrival of drivers lacking reservations (15 minute window only)
Use of this lot for any other purposes – staging equipment, parking or queueing at other times – is subject to action by the Port Police

Questions regarding the TRS and/or this announcement should be directed to Nancy Christian – 757-404-7918.image001

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