New Block Stow Area (ZS2) Opens at NIT

January 24, 2018

We continue to pursue our plans for greater capacity and efficiency at Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), and across the port.  New construction requires our terminal operating team, and our partners, to be nimble and responsive.

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new block stowage area for empty containers at NIT South.  Effective at 0700 hours on Wednesday, January 24, the new ZS2 block stow will begin receiving empties.  The ZS2 block stow is adjacent to the former CSA site, in proximity to the blue chassis M&R canopy (see the photo below).  Drivers will enter the lanes for the South transfer zones (SE and TE), making a left turn into the new ZS2 block stow just before the M&R canopy.

Drivers will be directed to deliver empties to ZS2, or alternative block stow areas, according to their individual routing tickets.

The new ZS2 area is scheduled to operate from 0700 hours – 1700 hours Monday – Friday.


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